Friday, March 7, 2014

The Most Sought After Break

It is finally here! Spring Break and as many who go to college know it isn't as MTV portrays it. Though I want to go on a cruise to Antigua, Curaçau, Aruba or the infamous Bermuda triangle this year there will be 3 or 4 days of being in North Conway NH for some skiing and hot tubbing this year. Which the latter is all I am really craving right now as my back has been bothering me for a little over 3 weeks. It will be a great family vacation and next year we will probably go somewhere less under 21 friendly. It was difficult to find somewhere inside the US for something that we dont do a lot of that we all really enjoy. Yes for those wondering I am still under 21 and am waiting for the time where I can go out and have a beer and a burger with my friends. It sucks having a late birthday but it has its advantages. 
This spring break like all longer breaks I have I intend to have a productive day or two to get some traction and steam built up for the second half of the last semester this year. And to prepare for the oncuming summer camp season. There is still a lot for me to prepare for. I hope to update this and any other of my blogs soon but who knows.

Have a great night sleep. Its going to be a great week.

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