Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I have successfully completed my degree and graduated from fisher college on May seventh, 2015. Currently job hunting and excited to see what the degree will bring me. I did not use this blog as much as I would have liked to but that is life I suppose so I will no longer be posting any content on here, how ever I would like to wish all the new college students out there to enjoy the oncoming terms and know that any issues you may encounter are not new to everyone and to look at those that have done it before for advise. Also do not trust anyone with your life secrets and your integrity until at least the second semester you have known them, those that are fast to jump are also the fast to fall. Please be safe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Went to look at my blogs that I have neglected and decided that I should merge college life for me and college life for me:Part food.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Most Sought After Break

It is finally here! Spring Break and as many who go to college know it isn't as MTV portrays it. Though I want to go on a cruise to Antigua, Curaçau, Aruba or the infamous Bermuda triangle this year there will be 3 or 4 days of being in North Conway NH for some skiing and hot tubbing this year. Which the latter is all I am really craving right now as my back has been bothering me for a little over 3 weeks. It will be a great family vacation and next year we will probably go somewhere less under 21 friendly. It was difficult to find somewhere inside the US for something that we dont do a lot of that we all really enjoy. Yes for those wondering I am still under 21 and am waiting for the time where I can go out and have a beer and a burger with my friends. It sucks having a late birthday but it has its advantages. 
This spring break like all longer breaks I have I intend to have a productive day or two to get some traction and steam built up for the second half of the last semester this year. And to prepare for the oncuming summer camp season. There is still a lot for me to prepare for. I hope to update this and any other of my blogs soon but who knows.

Have a great night sleep. Its going to be a great week.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Go time

While classes did start last week I do not count the first day as the first class day as the only thing that one has to do is just show up. Not even as it is still the add / drop period and technically attendence doesnt even start counting. Tomorrow is the first lecture day wich means that yes notes will be taken. A class that requires no notes on the material taught is not a class worth taking. Some times it is not my notes on the material that I find the most valuable but the side coments about how the material is applied else where. I am excited to have notes and work to do as I almost went crazy this weekend from too much free time. I can only look at a screen for so long and it was to cold to just go out for an enjoyable walk.

That is all I have time for this night as the first class starts in less than 10 hours and I could use the sleep.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Last minute packing

I am excited to be heding back to school for orientation traininf tomorrow, but there is also a piece of me that doesnt want the bliss of a care free vacation at home to end. I neglected to write a post about what the school suggests / requires students to do before they leave but that will come later. Currently i have procrastinated packing and i leave in T-11 hours. Ahhhhhhhhhhah.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Microwaves the Problem

There is a issue with community microwaves and that is that there are People who are careless. I personally hate these people because last night the Fire alarm went off at 1:30am, the reason was that someone Violated the first Commandment of Microwaves. Thou Shalt Monitor the food constantly. Seriously the thing got so damaged they had to remove it and next thing that I would probably expect is that there will be no community microwave in the dormitory. All ready the fire marshal as dammed that due to the age of the buildings that microwaves are not allowed in the rooms ( What a load of BS). Grrrr. Now if I want popcorn I will have to go to the cafe. The ironic part is that every time the microwave has caught fire careless popcorn cookers while I haven't had any issues using the microwave and none of my room mates or friends have either.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Textbooks the Most Expensive Book You Are Ever Going to Buy

     There is nothing that can be so expensive in college other than the textbook. Every class requires them and typically they are over $80.00 a piece. I know that many college students who are reading this are thinking "Damn I wish that mine costed that much"
    There are many ways to get textbooks and a few ways to knock down the price, I got mine down to about $50:

One: Go up to your Financial Aid/ Bursars Office and see if any of the loans or aid given is to cover your books. If this is the case they might hand you a certificate to go to the schools bookstore. The advantage is that you aren't paying that much out of pocket but you will have to pay off that debt when you graduate.

Two: Go on to a site like Amazon and buy it offline they usually have a good price on them.

Three: Go to a Site like Amazon and Rent the book, the drawback is that like borrowing from the library there can't be any damage or marks in the book when you have to return it.

Four: Go ebook this is the newest medium where for a fee you can have the book on your laptop, smartphone or tablet via an app. The nice thing is that you can either buy the book or rent it. Unlike renting a physical book you can highlight and make printable notes right in the book. I use CourseSmart for this as it has a really nice app for Android, my sister uses my account for one book and she uses the iPad app for it.

There is a difference in cost if you are on the fence of renting or buying the ebook. The price difference for my books was $266.83 for online prices only, if I went with the hard copy there would be a $475ish difference. Now after my subscription is up I will not have access to the book but I will still have my notes that I have taken which is all I really need because I take a ton of notes.

Fifth: Go to your school's library the professors usually have the book on reserve so as long as you are in the library you can use the book or at my school you may borrow the book for one hour only. This is FREE!

Sixth: Schools also tend to have forums or a bulletin board where students can directly sell the book to other students so typically this will be half priced books

Seventh: friends will typically let you share the book if you are in the same class or if they don't have the class anymore they might just give it to you. Just be sure that for option six and seven that the book is the edition that you need.

It Doesn't really matter how you get the book as long as you get it so you don't fail your class or kill your GPA.

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