Friday, March 2, 2012

The Nest

     A lot of people forget the other half of the emptynest syndrome, the college student. Now as with the parents there is unlimited variation of how a college student adapts to being on their own at school. I have gotten over my home sickness at a young age because I have been going on weeklong camping without my parents around for several years when I was young. Now I work at one for roughly 9 weeks out of the year.
     Being at college without anyone immediately in the area is not unusual for me. With that being said I do not hate my home, rather I enjoy the space and the ability not having to report my every move to the King and Queen of my being. There is nothing that I love more than going back to real life which includes real food (Yes I'm that guy). But even though I am used to being out of the house there are times when the craving to go back is just great that not satisfying it would be unwise. Never forget where you come from. 

Getting personal with the MW

     Not all microwaves are created equal. They are all different in size, power usage and each has it's own sets of hot spots because of how the stirrer blade is made and installed.
     For the incoming freshmen who wishes to be in the elite of the MW culinary school Microwaves have some controls. There are two things that the microwave is on while it is cooking your food, On or Off. The MW Oven simply emits the microwaves into the main chamber that's all. If you microwave of choice has a low, medium or high setting that is just an adjustment on the percentage or the timing that the oven will emit. The waves vibrate fat, water and sugar molecules in the food that is being prepared producing friction which in turn produces the heat.
    It is possible to overcook your dish because the heat is being generated from the outside to the inside. For food to be ensured as fully cooked the heat needs time to evenly disperse. Microwave produced heat is different from the heat that is produced from a stove of standard oven because we are cooking with friction and  not simply producing strait heat and applying it to the food. That time that is spent letting the heat disperse is the stand time. If you just give it extra time with it being bombarded with the waves the molecules will just keep on vibrating faster and faster creating intense heat that will burn your mouth and/ or delay you even longer from having that needed late night cramming snack. With that being said on overcooking it is even more dangerous to under cook if meat is involved. Most professors are not lenient on work missed due to being ill, so don't do it. Stay healthy and don't be dumb.

Ramen: a College Staple

Ramen ever since it's invention has been for the college student a important part of dorm survival. At Fisher College it is a form of currency. more trades have been accomplished by adding a bag of Ramen to the bundle. Everyone loves these noodles but do not use it to their full potential. All you have to do is go and add a few veggies or precooked meat and there is a filling meal if the Cafe has closed. Most veggies don't take long to boil, if it does just cut it to a smaller sise as small food taked a quarter of the time to cook. Experiment the possibilities of the noodle