Friday, November 8, 2013

Microwaves the Problem

There is a issue with community microwaves and that is that there are People who are careless. I personally hate these people because last night the Fire alarm went off at 1:30am, the reason was that someone Violated the first Commandment of Microwaves. Thou Shalt Monitor the food constantly. Seriously the thing got so damaged they had to remove it and next thing that I would probably expect is that there will be no community microwave in the dormitory. All ready the fire marshal as dammed that due to the age of the buildings that microwaves are not allowed in the rooms ( What a load of BS). Grrrr. Now if I want popcorn I will have to go to the cafe. The ironic part is that every time the microwave has caught fire careless popcorn cookers while I haven't had any issues using the microwave and none of my room mates or friends have either.