Saturday, September 21, 2013

Textbooks the Most Expensive Book You Are Ever Going to Buy

     There is nothing that can be so expensive in college other than the textbook. Every class requires them and typically they are over $80.00 a piece. I know that many college students who are reading this are thinking "Damn I wish that mine costed that much"
    There are many ways to get textbooks and a few ways to knock down the price, I got mine down to about $50:

One: Go up to your Financial Aid/ Bursars Office and see if any of the loans or aid given is to cover your books. If this is the case they might hand you a certificate to go to the schools bookstore. The advantage is that you aren't paying that much out of pocket but you will have to pay off that debt when you graduate.

Two: Go on to a site like Amazon and buy it offline they usually have a good price on them.

Three: Go to a Site like Amazon and Rent the book, the drawback is that like borrowing from the library there can't be any damage or marks in the book when you have to return it.

Four: Go ebook this is the newest medium where for a fee you can have the book on your laptop, smartphone or tablet via an app. The nice thing is that you can either buy the book or rent it. Unlike renting a physical book you can highlight and make printable notes right in the book. I use CourseSmart for this as it has a really nice app for Android, my sister uses my account for one book and she uses the iPad app for it.

There is a difference in cost if you are on the fence of renting or buying the ebook. The price difference for my books was $266.83 for online prices only, if I went with the hard copy there would be a $475ish difference. Now after my subscription is up I will not have access to the book but I will still have my notes that I have taken which is all I really need because I take a ton of notes.

Fifth: Go to your school's library the professors usually have the book on reserve so as long as you are in the library you can use the book or at my school you may borrow the book for one hour only. This is FREE!

Sixth: Schools also tend to have forums or a bulletin board where students can directly sell the book to other students so typically this will be half priced books

Seventh: friends will typically let you share the book if you are in the same class or if they don't have the class anymore they might just give it to you. Just be sure that for option six and seven that the book is the edition that you need.

It Doesn't really matter how you get the book as long as you get it so you don't fail your class or kill your GPA.

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