Thursday, March 21, 2013

That class where everyone falls asleep

     So everyone has had a few professors or High School teachers where they have that voice that has the flow and tone of a lullaby. Every book, guidance counselor and especially parents will tell a student " Even if it is the most dry class in the world you still have to pay attention to what they say" I agree that there is some truth to that but from having to be in a class with the white noise professor I find it is difficult to pay attention. The class is not what is boring as I enjoy learning psychology and find it all interesting but if I pay attention to his voice I will doze off in the front row. (Yes I am one of those students who always sits in or as close to the front as I can). So here is what has been working for me to help me pass the class.
     What you will need: Slide show, presenter notes if available, text book, some skill in selective deafness, and something to write with ( I have a android tablet that is synced with my phone.

     First off if the professor is going to put you to sleep and you can't switch professors or get out of the class then you can't listen to them constantly cause that would be close to death. Small doses are best, when ever he starts to write on the board or point out something specific on a slide then you tune in. Like skimming but little bit more difficult. Next is to open the textbook to the chapter of discussion and fallow along with what is going on. This will be picked up on and the professor should leave you alone and if a question is directed to you the book is in front of you and you can look it up.  The trick is to not bury your self in the book but rather make it look like your reading and then have the look if intense listening for about thirty seconds to a minute and then go back to reading.
     If you don't need to take notes jot random stuff down: things that you want to do, need to do, movies, reasons why you don't like the class ext. Doodling is OK but don't make it obvious. Faking attention is a difficult skill that I have worked hard on but my grades do not reflect that I haven't been paying attention to the professor. They are slightly above a B average.
     Best of luck and I hope that this post has been a help to you and also has given you some motivation to keep up in that class that is less entertaining than watching paint dry.