Friday, December 7, 2012

Alone time and the lack of it.

Recently I have found that I can't get the room to myself to do some revision of my notes for finals this coming week. The problem is that I like to study with a mug of some sort of caffeinated warm liquid (espresso if you will). Now I don't like to bring this into a library because it is a general courtesy to the librarians that I like to keep up. I like to let them worry about important information things rather then putting their focus on the safety of the paper collection. Now I can study in a noisy room (thank you to the inventor of the headphone and the one who fallowed suit with the noise canceling version) but, I can't study in a dark room. Now I could flip the switch but then my pot zombie and hungover roommates would scream and start an argument that I don't feel like dealing with. As it is Friday I am willing to limit myself to a small chunk of revision but tomorrow and Sunday its lights on so they better deal. I thought that I would get the room tonight as one of them is leaving before finals as he is dropping out and this is his last weekend to live it up in Boston. One did go out and the the other two and one girlfriend decided to stay in and watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This bothers me as all the one that is leaving has been talking only of his desire to go out and get so drunk that he would make out with women (yes he is gay). The others said that they would go out as usual they didn't invite me but that is because I don't like to get drunk in a bar with people that I don't trust. As usual they are all broke from ordering excessive amounts of Dominos Pizza and things that one buys in a discreet manner. So I am stuck with a room that only the blind would know how to navigate.
Till my next rant
Rob C

Monday, December 3, 2012

The After Math of Turkey Day

There is something magical about sitting with family and being with friends but as this is a food blog all of that sentimetal stuff means nothing here as it all boils down to the main event of November the 22nd of November and what that means to the college student.
If you have a fridge in your room or a trusted friend's room then I hope that you were smart enough to bring the goods back to the hovel.