Saturday, April 7, 2012

That boring class that I hate

So we all have those classes where the professor has no clue on how to teach the class. Like the on that I have for Event and Convention Planning. The professor only poses questions and gives shallow examples that have little merit to the theory that is being explained. There is much to be desired from this class as I do not feel like I am accomplishing anything worth my time. Even with the time that I am taking to writ this post I am missing little to nothing that is not common sense in planning for anything. The class is required a and I have a A at the moment. This would be a great class if I could feel like I was getting grades for something other then showing up and taking notes. I would like to have something to hand in and be graded in class. That is the lacking element and that is what I need to feel and observe my own progress in the course.

Know Your Resource Restrictions

     There are many benefits to being a college student for example the classic example is that there are resources that you have free access to that would usually cost an arm and a leg to use like Tutors, Professors with real life experience, TAs and a large library with access to databases and online resources. With that there is a myth of that these are unlimited and available all the time; this is not completely true.
     I have found time to blog this because I went home for the Easter Holiday weekend and I tried to work on my final paper for English being in a slight rush to get home I forgot to grab the manila folder that had the print outs of my resources with my highlights and notes. Naturally I go to my annotated bibliography and cut and pasted the URLs into the web browser. On all of the tabs popped up a message saying that I needed to put in the username and password to continue on to the page, so I typed in the one that I use to log on to all of the school's accounts and they do not work. I tried to get in by using the links on the schools web page and the same thing happened. I think that if there is going to be some sort of restriction as to what network I need to be on to access it as I do all of my work on my laptop then they should specify in a obvious place. I have just been  having the worst luck as of late with anything that has to do with the schools online information.
     Other things that you have to consider that is commonly forgotten is that  the library does close and professors do have lives after school hours. So always make sure that there is time to get what you need

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wireless in the Room

Where I am studying there is no wifi dedicated to the dorm rooms. I am one of the lucky ones because I am on a lower floor so I can get the wireless from the main lobby in the school. The issue is that the wifi is out and I can't find my Ethernet chord so now I am offline to do what I need to do. At the moment I am on my tablet so as soon as it finds a undecided network this post will be uploaded. It drives me insane when there is no back as a fail safe so that students can get online to do class work and other important tasks that require the internet. At the moment there are classes in the computer labs so those aren't an option right now. All I have is my wifi only tablet and my phone so at the moment I am using my phone for the research and the tablet for the typing on Google Docs so that it is already uploaded and available on other computer stations. I love you cloud computing when there is a internet to work off of.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Balance

NewQSo I think that I have gotten my balance back and it feels great I think that I can actually sleep well tonight. Sweet stress relief... kinda... I still have three big projects to do but I have three Weeks to do them in. I can do this. Now only if I could crack my back then I would be good.

The unexpected

I apolagise for the lack of posts but I have had a little bit of a unpleasant surprise, the regret able passing of my grandfather. This is by far the hardest and most challenging of all this semester and probably my college career. It was a beautiful ceremony and I feel better because of it but there will always be a hole in my heart for him. The man was one if not, the most infuentail part of my life. I will miss you to no end. Rest In Peace.

Procrastination and of ressurection.

     As you are aware I have had a little bit of a stress to deal with lately The death of my grandfather and upcoming due dates for almost everything that you can think of that could be assigned for a class. I have been known for having issues with getting long term assignments done and this is no acception. Even if they can be accepted late I do not hand it in. If I miss the due date then what is the point if it sucked to begin with would be a low grade to start off and then the points deducted on top of that would make it pointless.
      In English 102 class there are four essays that need to be done. The first three are worth 30% of the final grade the last is worth 20%. Now the first essay the fault was mine as I did not do the final draft but the second essay I could not print and due to the schools email system which is crap (this is the only way to hand in work) it would not send. My Professor has allowed those like me who are missing essays to go and hand in these late pieces by this Friday while keeping up the expected work load. If any of these are 0s in the book there is no way I can pass the class.
     The good news, I have the first essay done and ready for the professor. The bad news, I can't find essay #2 anywhere in my folders or even a file search and being a fool I didn't upload it to Google Docs so there is little sleep to be had as there are other commitments that I have to keep. I can do this, there is only 3 weeks till I'm free for the summer obligations. How hard can this be right?